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Filter elements and equipment

We offer the filter elements, compact filter cells, modules, filter media, and dust and oil traps most commonly used for industrial filtration jobs.

Dust separation »

A wide range of dust trap products, from simple dust bags to panel filters and filter cartridges.

Air filtration »

Clean ambient air is a basic requirement: we offer filter panels, compact filter cells, pocket filters and clean room filters.

Liquid filtration »

From metal filter candles to liquid filter bags and ceramic membrane filters, we have an answer for everything.

Process filtration »

Filtration is a requirement in numerous industrial processes: filter media, turbine filters, filter candles, membrane filters, etc.

Filter equipment »

Industrial dust and oil mist traps with a wide performance range.


Download brochures, catalogues and information on our filtration technology products, filters, filtration options and related services.

Indufil brochure

A general brochure in English containing the main groups of filtration technology products as well as company data.

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Filtration technology

Professional industrial filtration technology options, industrial filters, filter cartridges, accessories, filter equipment, engineering services, and expert consultancy.

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