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INDUFIL Hungária PLC. deals primarily with the industrial filtration technology, filter cartridges, accessories and related equipment indispensable for HVAC, liquid and dust filtration, as well as engineering consultancy and maintenance.

Head office: H-9027 Győr, Hűtőház u.17.;
Site: H-9027 Győr, Hűtőház u.17.;
Postal address: H-9027 Győr, Hűtőház u.17.;
Tax number: 23507759-2-08;
EU tax number: HU23507759
Company registration number: 08-09-022400, by the Győr-Moson-Sopron Megyei County Court of Registration;
Bank Account No.(HUF): 1040 1024 5052 6686 6576 1007;
Bank Account No.(EUR): HU54 1040 1024 5052 6686 6576 1014;
Telephone: +36 96 960-074;
Telefax: +36 96 960-075

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MediaArt Online Megoldások LLC.;
Head office: H-9022 Győr, Szent István út 16/A fsz. 2.;

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Filtration technology

Professional industrial filtration technology options, industrial filters, filter cartridges, accessories, filter equipment, engineering services, and expert consultancy.

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