Ceramic membrane filters, filter modules

Ceramic membrane filterCeramic membrane filters can give good results in areas of industrial liquid filtration, biotechnology and sewage filtration where polymer membranes reach their limits and no longer function well. Ceramic membranes made of almost pure alumina and not containing any chemical binding agents or glues have high filtration stability and are strongly resistant to acidic or basic environments.

These filters are easy to clean and require little care and maintenance.

Both single and multi-channel ceramic membrane filters are available to a maximum length of 1.2 metres with various channel diameters. A ceramic membrane filter 52 mm in diameter, 1.2 m in length with 85 channels has a filtration surface in excess of 1 m²!

Ceramic membrane filtrationThe material to be filtered is fed through the filter channels of the membrane, where all particles greater than the pore diameter of the membrane are retained, allowing smaller particles and the filtrate to pass through unobstructed.


Properties of ceramic membrane filter products:

Szűrőanyag:  alumina ??aluminum oxide

Filter class: 1.2 µm - 5 kD
Sizes: maximum length of 1.2 m

Main fields of use:

» environmental protection
» sewage treatment
» biotechnology
» chemical industry
» food industry

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Besides marketing filtration technology products, industrial filters, filter cartridges, accessories and filtration equipment, Indufil PLC. also offers various support services, engineering and financial consultancy, technical planning, and comprehensive filtration technology design.

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Indufil PLC. stocks the quantities of filters and accessories required for synchronisation with our partners' production needs. We can deliver in accordance with predetermined schedules or just-in-time. Besides filter logistics, we also provide maintenance, certification and measurement services.

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New filtration technology problem? Our engineers will help you pick the filtration technology that best meets your needs. We also do installations to a short deadline.

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Our team of experts has many years of experience in the replacment, collection, transportation, cleaning and disposal of used filter cartridges.

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