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Integrating the founders’ many years of professional experience, Indufil Hungária PLC. was established in 2011 with the primary aim of providing companies and institutions active in the sector with industrial filtration solutions, management and related services.

Almost 40 people are involved in the work of the filtration technology company group, in which Indufil Hungária PLC. is an active participant, boasting modern production capacities in Hungary with two sites in the north and Budapest, and two warehouses, all of which enable the company to meet client needs quickly and flexibly. We have more than 35 filtration technology suppliers (from both the USA and the EU), allowing us to provide our customers with optimal tailored solutions. Our sales staff also work in Slovakia, and we are just restarting our activities in Romania.

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Since the time the company was established, a specific goal has been to expand the sphere of filtration technology solutions, to introduce a range of tailored services to Hungary, and to integrate effective engineering consultancy into the company's operations.Indufil Hungária PLC. was created by integrating two companies with extensive experience in the production and distribution of industrial filter materials. It thus became part of a company group focused on filtration technologies owned by investors with more than 15 years of day-to-day technical experience in the industry.

industrial filters

The main objective of Indufil Hungária PLC. is to provide partners with comprehensive filtration technology solutions, as well as effective and competitive filter elements. The company also offers professional engineering consultancy, repair, and inventory services. The terms service, repairs and client satisfaction are of the utmost importance in Indufil's company philosophy. For us, it is fundamental that our clients should obtain filters and filtration solutions that meet all of their needs and solve all their filtration technology problems. Our suppliers are reputable filter producers from all over the world. Our many years of experience in production and our technical expertise provide a background that allows us to find the optimal answers to all filtration technology questions.Our fundamental objective is to assess and understand perfectly the needs of the automotive, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as special users and industry players using other filtration technologies, as this allows us to offer solutions that fully meet our customers' filtration technology expectations. Product development and the products we design and produce are also based on unique customer demands and offer a solution when our suppliers have none that are more competitive.

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Our product range includes a broad scale of items such as filter cartridges, filter elements, and equipment and accessories that are considered a necessity in professional air, liquid and dust filtration. We also provide comprehensive solutions in the planning and installing of dust collectors and liquid filtration equipment.

In addition to the distribution of filtration technology products, industrial filters, filter cartridges, accessories, and filtration equipment, Indufil PLC. also offers industrial filtration technology support services, engineering and financial consultancy, technical planning, and the configuration of comprehensive filtration technology solutions.

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Filter elements and equipment

We offer the filter elements, compact filter cells, modules, filter media, and dust and oil traps most commonly used for industrial filtration jobs.

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A wide range of dust trap products, from simple dust bags to panel filters and filter cartridges.

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Clean ambient air is a basic requirement: we offer filter panels, compact filter cells, pocket filters and clean room filters.

Liquid filtration »

From metal filter candles to liquid filter bags and ceramic membrane filters, we have an answer for everything.

Process filtration »

Filtration is a requirement in numerous industrial processes: filter media, turbine filters, filter candles, membrane filters, etc.

Filter equipment »

Industrial dust and oil mist traps with a wide performance range.

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Filtration technology

Professional industrial filtration technology options, industrial filters, filter cartridges, accessories, filter equipment, engineering services, and expert consultancy.

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