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Indufil Filtration Technology offers filter elements, filtration materials and filter media in a wide range of sizes and efficiencies to meet the needs of industrial filtration technology in many areas of industrial filtration. These products are available both off-the-shelf and made for specific filter equipment. In addition to domestically produced filter elements, we also offer a wide variety of other European and overseas filter materials and elements.

Centrifuge bag, filter bag

Centrifuge bags, filter bags and OCTOPUS filter bags

Thanks to the unique technology we use, we are able to manufacture centrifuge bags and filter panels for all types of filtration equipment, without exception. They are of accurate size, self-cleaning, and produced using a continuous process. We use the most up to date monofilament and multi-filament filter fabrics, as well as a combination of the two, which results in an off-the-shelf product with the best price and quality.

One of our company's "range toppers" is the octopus filter bag made from antistatic fabric and used in fluid bed dryers. It is made of a special fabric that lends it an almost artistic magic and a high off-the-shelf added value.

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Emulsion filter papersEmulsion filter papers - nonwoven fabrics

Belt filters and emulsion filter papers made of nonwoven fabrics using various materials of varying permeability are the most widespread solutions for the filtration of machine tool cooling emulsions.
Our warehouse stocks a wide range of filter papers with varying surface weights and made of a variety of filter materials

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Metal filter candles for liquid filtration

Metal filter candles for liquid filtration

Many industries, particularly the automotive and oil industries, use stainless steel filter elements that can withstand high pressures and temperatures, as well as a corrosive chemical environment. Metal filter candles can be produced in varying degrees of fineness, suitable for cleansing various liquids, including low-viscosity liquids and even acids and bases.

Owing to its massive stainless steel structure, the filter can be used under high pressure, and can also withstand corrosive filtrates and the erosive effects of suspended particles moving at high speed.

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Metal-framed filter panelsMetal-framed filter panels

Filter panels with frames of metal or other materials are used primarily in ventilation technology for filtering air and trapping grease and oil mist.The structure of metal-framed filter plates is reasonably simple: the air filtration is performed by an optimised filter medium or material held in a metal friame of standard or customised size. Standard-sized frames enable the use of framed filters in all types of air filtration technology equipment.

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Paint spray filter matPaint spray filter mat - paint stop

The paint spray filter is a special type of filter available in both rolls and mats, used almost everywhere in surface treatment plants. As the active element of various filter appliances, it has the job of removing paint mist.

The filter mat separates paint particles from the air in order to protect air ducts, ventilators and engines from paint deposits and the damage they cause, not to mention the environment and workers’ health

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Liquid filter bagLiquid filter bags, mesh filter bags 

The separation of solids in liquid filtration is equivalent to trapping dust in dry technology: the removal of solids from the liquid phase. The most common solution for this filtration job is the use of filter bags or mesh filter bags.

We offer filter liners for all filter housings available on the market and used by industry, with micron ratings ranging from 0.2 to 1000 microns

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Gas turbine filter

Gas turbine filters

filtersGas turbine power plants used in various industries require immense amounts of premium quality air for their operation, where premium quality primarily means filtered air. In general, multi-stage air intake systems with filter units placed one after the other, incorporating carefully selected gas turbine filters are used to provide air of exceptional quality.

Indufil offers gas turbine filter elements of all sizes and makes (Din, Twist Lock, FARR, Puls Star, AAF Pulse Star, etc.), from the pre-filter stage to the most sensitive H11 (H12) filter panels with the best quality

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High temperature (HT) filtersHigh temperature (HT) filters

filtersHT filters are used in high temperature ovens and are specially designed for use in automotive industry paint technology, where they are generally used as fine filters at the end of surface treatment processes. In addition to withstanding high temperatures and providing excellent filtration, they are capable of ensuring that surface treatment processes are provided with the clean, dust-free air they require. In addition to the above uses, HT filters are also used in microelectronics, the pharmaceutical and food industries, drying facilities, ovens, and high temperature industrial ventilation systems.

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Industrial dust bagIndustrial dust bags

One of the most widespread technologies involving industrial filtration is industrial dust separation or dust filtration. Countless industries, from timber through sugar to the electronics industry, use dust traps of various sizes and configurations with filters to prevent the dusty air and gases resulting from production processes from entering the surrounding atmosphere or from causing a health hazard to workers due to high dust content.

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Ceramic membrane filterCeramic membrane filters

filtersCeramic membrane filters can give good results in areas of industrial liquid filtration and water filtration where polymer membranes reach their limit and no longer function well.

Ceramic membranes made of almost pure alumina have high filtration stability and are strongly resistant to acidic or basic environments. These filters are easy to clean and require little care and maintenance.

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Compact filter cellsCompact filter cells, active carbon filters

Compact filters are generally preferred in high performance ventilation systems as medium or fine filters to remove fine dust and smaller particles.

Compact filters provide clean and conditioned air for office buildings, factory halls, airports, libraries, museums, laboratories, hospitals and health care institutions, as well as numerous other areas

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Press cloths and belt filters

Press cloth

We supply professionally tailored filter housings and press cloths in all standard and customised sizes for no extra cost. The laser cutting technology we use allows us to cut filters up to 2 metres wide, suitable for even the largest filter press panels.

Besides press cloths, we also offer heavy duty belt filters with a special weave and in customised sizes. These are available with either PP or PES monofilament double-layer filter cloths and in any size requested by the customer.

» More about press cloths and belt filters

Compressed air filterCompressed air filters, filter cartridges and filter housings

housingsCompressed air for industrial processes is produced by air compressors and then fed through a compressed air network to the given tool or equipment.

The main parameters when selecting a compressed air filter are capacity (m³/h), maximum operating pressure (bar) and the type of filter connection, as these fundamentally define their application.

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Candle filters for liquid filtration

Candle filter for liquid filtration

Filter candles are used by the processing and other industries for filtering liquids and gasses. We supply various candle filter cartridges depending on the type of material to be filtered, the temperature, and the desired filtration efficiency.

We offer candle filters ranging in size from 1 1/4" to 40" in diameter, manufactured with a spunbond (nonwoven spinning) or melt-blown technology, or even with membrane filter technology.

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Filter panels

Filter panel

Due to their ease of use and practicality, various types of industrial dust collecting units and appliances use filter cartridges that fit their respective filter housings. The various filter panels may even be product-specific, and are easy to replace due to their "standard" configurations.

The most important features of a filter panel are its dimensions, compatibility with the given filter unit, and the filtration characteristics of the panel itself.

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Filter cartridges

Filter cartridge

Modern dust traps use smallish filter cartridges with a pleated surface, as they provide a simple yet effective method of filtration. Filter cartridges are easy to use and simple to replace, due to the many established methods for fixing them in place.

The most important properties of a filter cartridge are its diameter and its length, as a cartridge can only function properly if it fits the dust trap unit exactly. Filter manufacturers produce filter cartridges in a wide variety of sizes, with diameters ranging from 100 - 660 mm and with lengths up to 2000 mm.

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Pocket filterPocket filters and EX Protect filters

filtersPocket filters are used in HVAC applications as pre-filters, medium filters, and final filters, depending on the type of pocket filter and the filter material in question.Pocket filter frames are generally made of plastic or galvanised steel and are 25 mm in thickness.

The filtration medium may be synthetic fibre/PES or a combination of PP and PES. Pocket filters can be used to remove both larger dust particles and fine particles, and are even effective as pre-filters for clean room filtration systems.

» More about pocket filters and EX Protect filters

Clean room filterClean room filters, HEPA and ULPA filters

filtersAs their name indicates, clean room filters, also referred to as HEPA filters, are capable of providing extra high grade clean air environments. HEPA filters are used in cases where not only dust and coarse particles need to be removed from the air, but also pollen and fine particles.

Depending on the grade of the filter, they can even retain bacteria and microparticles (0.4 microns), allowing them to be used safely in sterile room HVAC systems.

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We offer the filter elements, compact filter cells, modules, filter media, and dust and oil traps most commonly used for industrial filtration jobs.

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A wide range of dust trap products, from simple dust bags to panel filters and filter cartridges.

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Clean ambient air is a basic requirement: we offer filter panels, compact filter cells, pocket filters and clean room filters.

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From metal filter candles to liquid filter bags and ceramic membrane filters, we have an answer for everything.

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Filtration is a requirement in numerous industrial processes: filter media, turbine filters, filter candles, membrane filters, etc.

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Industrial dust and oil mist traps with a wide performance range.

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Besides marketing filtration technology products, industrial filters, filter cartridges, accessories and filtration equipment, Indufil PLC. also offers various support services, engineering and financial consultancy, technical planning, and comprehensive filtration technology design.

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Indufil PLC. stocks the quantities of filters and accessories required for synchronisation with our partners' production needs. We can deliver in accordance with predetermined schedules or just-in-time. Besides filter logistics, we also provide maintenance, certification and measurement services.

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New filtration technology problem? Our engineers will help you pick the filtration technology that best meets your needs. We also do installations to a short deadline.

Waste management »

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the replacment, collection, transportation, cleaning and disposal of used filter cartridges.


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