High temperature (HT) oven filters

High temperature filterHT filters are used in high temperature ovens and are specially designed for use in automotive industry paint technology, where they are generally used as fine filters at the end of surface treatment processes. In addition to withstanding high temperatures and providing excellent filtration, they are capable of ensuring that surface treatment processes are provided with the clean, dust-free air they require. In addition to the above uses, HT filters are also used in microelectronics, the pharmaceutical and food industries, drying facilities, ovens, and high temperature industrial ventilation systems.
The materials used in the production of high temperature filters ensure that they work safely at temperatures of 280 °C or above and maintain the desired filtering grade even under extreme conditions. The special metal fibre seals used in HT filters prevent any bypass (unfiltered air) from reaching the work area. The housings for high temperature filters are generally made of aluminium or galvanised steel. The filter itself contains no silicone or other components which could influence surface treatment.


oven filter - ht filter

Properties of high temperature (HT) filter products:

Filter material: glass fibre mat
Filter spacer: glass fibre paper
Filter classes: M6, F5, F6, F8
Maximum temperature: 230 °C (380 °C)

Main fields of use:

» surface treatment
» automotive industry
» motor vehicle painting
» microelectronics
» pharmaceutical industry
» food industry
» ventilation technology

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