Filtration technology services

Besides marketing filters, sieves and filtration technology accessories for industrial filtration functions, Indufil Hungária LLC. also offers various services to partners, companies and institutions that maintain and operate filtration equipment and systems.

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Engineering and technological consultancy

Our consultants and engineers are always available and ready to help our partners with any filtration related issues. We help analyse specific filtration technology problems in order to find the most effective solutions, whether these involve existing filtration elements or filtration efficiency, or the design and economic viability calculations preceding new investments. We are naturally also prepared to help with installation and project implementation.Our engineers select, or design if need be, suitable filter elements and filtration solutions in accordance with the task in hand, the customer's needs, and the physical and chemical properties of the respective media. We always recommend the equipment that best meets the needs of our customers and also help answer any questions related to operation.

Filter management - filter maintenance

Thanks to its warehouse capacity, Indufil LLC. can stock the quantities of filters and accessories required for synchronisation with for our partners' production needs. We can deliver in accordance with predetermined schedules or just-in-time, and we also accept one-off shipping orders.Besides delivering filters, we also supply filter replacements, carry out filter cleaning, and undertake maintenance operations on filtration equipment on a contractual basis, following inditial assessment. We also deal with the certification and calibration of filtration equipment: we measure the parameters (pressure drop, etc.) of filter units at previously specified intervals and replace the filter or filter unit if performance is inadequate or the part has worn out.

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Our company provides a 12 month general technical warranty on the products we market, on filter cartridges, sieves and laundry felts, industrial sieves, filtration technology machinery and equipment, and the industrial dust and oil collectors, starting from the date the product is purchased or put into operation, For certain products, the warranty conditions may differ from those of the general warranty. Our consultants will inform buyers of all such instances.

Servicing - troubleshooting

Throughout the whole country, our professional repairmen are available to help you with any servicing issues and with repairing any faults in filtration technology. We can also provide the necessary parts, filters and cartridges from our stocks in the shortest possible time.

Waste management

Indufil also deals with the collection, removal and environmentally-friendly recycling or disposal of used or contaminated filtration elements, filter inserts, filter cartridges and filter bags, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation and industrial standards.

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Filter elements and equipment

We offer the filter elements, compact filter cells, modules, filter media, and dust and oil traps most commonly used for industrial filtration jobs.

Dust separation »

A wide range of dust trap products, from simple dust bags to panel filters and filter cartridges.

Air filtration »

Clean ambient air is a basic requirement: we offer filter panels, compact filter cells, pocket filters and clean room filters.

Liquid filtration »

From metal filter candles to liquid filter bags and ceramic membrane filters, we have an answer for everything.

Process filtration »

Filtration is a requirement in numerous industrial processes: filter media, turbine filters, filter candles, membrane filters, etc.

Filter equipment »

Industrial dust and oil mist traps with a wide performance range.


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A general brochure in English containing the main groups of filtration technology products as well as company data.

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Filtration technology

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