Electrostatic precipitators

Operating principle: The device generates an electrical field, which electrically charges dust particles or the oil droplets and aerosols forming a colloidal mixture with air (tar, asphalt mist, cold smoke, casting fumes, oil mist, emulsion mist, fumes from plastics, printing ink, rubber fumes, cooking fumes or mist, welding fumes, and the fumes from oxidation by-products) which are then attracted to the electrode with the opposite charge, where they are deposited. The solid and liquid components are extracted from the airflow and end up in the collector (collection unit) placed behind the ioniser.

Structure: Electrostatic precipitators are generally modular, with several similar units being placed adjacent to or on top of one another. The airflow carrying the substance to be filtered first passes through a pre-filter which filters out large particles ( > 2 µm ). The air then enters the separator (or ioniser), where the above processes take place (aerosols between 0.6 µm and 3 µm are filtered out, corresponding to filter class F5 (EN 770)). From there, the air passes to the collector, which filters out particles smaller than 0.8 µm, equal to a class F9 filter (EN 779). Additional mechanical filter cartridges can be added to the system (filter class H13, HEPA filters), but since this system provides a very high degree of filtration (96-99%), this last insert is optional.

With the exception of HEPA filters, all elements can be cleaned and reused, which is the best solution as regards environmental protection. However, responsible treatment of the removed particles must be provided for.

By filtration format:


By airflow direction:


By charge and filtration location:

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By cleaning method:


The equipment can even be used to separate nanoparticles (< 0.001 μm).
The following table lists additional advantages.

Electrostatic precipitatorElectrostatic precipitators

  • Low operating and maintenance costs; the efficiency of mechanical filters continuously decreases as the cartridges fill up. Replacing the cartridges is essential
  • The electrostatic precipitator (hereinafter: ESP) collector can be reused after ultrasonic cleaning
  • The efficiency of ESPs far surpasses that of their rivals, offering filtration levels of up to 96-99%
  • ESPs are suitable for the separation of dusts, oil mist, and other micro-sized dispersion systems or colloidal particles. Mechanical filters have a maximum efficiency of 90% and require a HEPA filter for particles smaller than 1µm.
  • Cost-effective with low electricity consumption
  • The best solution for protecting and keeping the workplace and the natural environment clean
  • Can play a significant role in decreasing heating costs if the airflow is reversed
  • Can be operated at low pressure requiring a fan with lower performance, enabling additional energy savings
  • 96-99% separation down to nanoparticle threshold
  • Long servicing intervals, with a longer useful life than mechanical systems used for similar tasks. Filters (collectors) generally have to be cleaned every six months and need not be replaced.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Two-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Modular system that can easily be expanded
  • Implements a four-tier filtration process, from coarse to finer particles
  • Can be expanded with additional mechanical cartridges; in this case, a higher-performance fan is required in consideration of the fineness of the cartridges
  • Powder coated stainless steel design available in five different colours

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