Centrifuge filter bags and octopus filter bags

Centrifuge bags and centrifuge filter bags

Centrifuge filter bags

Separating active agents and final products from a supernatant or even extracting useful materials in a solvent from a solid phase with the use of a centrifuge is a common technique used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The process is based on the application of centripetal force, with special filter bags performing the separation.
Centrifuges of countless types and sizes are available for industrial and commercial use, so the range of filter bags required is just as diverse.Thanks to the unique technology we use, we are able to manufacture centrifuge bags and filter panels for all types of filtration equipment, without exception. They are of accurate size, self-cleaning, and produced using a continuous process.

We use the most up to date monofilament and multi-filament filter fabrics, as well as a combination of the two, which results in an off-the-shelf product with the best price and quality.Thanks to the use of nonwoven raw materials and to precise tailoring, our products can even be used for filtering materials that require a high degree of purity, down to a filter rating of one micron.

Some of the commonest types of equipment include:
BVG, Comi-Condor, Ellerwerk, Krauss-Maffei, Alfa-Laval, Rina and Henkel.


Centrifuge filter bags

Properties of centrifuge filter bag products:

Filter material: PP, PTFE
Sizes: Ø 500 - 1600 mm

Main fields of use:

» pharmaceutical industry
» food industry
» chemical industry




OCTOPUS filter bags

OCTOPUS filter bag

One of our company's "range toppers" is the octopus filter bag made from antistatic fabric and used in fluid bed dryers. It is made of a special type of fabric that lends it an almost artistic magic and a high off-the-shelf added value. The filter materials used, the tailoring process, and therefore the filter bags themselves, must meet numerous criteria. Filter bags must be washable, dimensionally stable, and depending on their usage conditions they must also be antistatic to prevent any build-up of charge. We therefore use polyester, metal fibre, polyamide or carbon fibre as basic materials, which are tailored to the respective appliances using a special process.
We supply filter bags for the following brands: Glatt, Aeromatic, Diosna, Bosch-Hüttlin, Manesty and Eurovent.

Each bag is assigned a special ID number that makes dedication easier at the user end; we also repair any minor damage sustained by our filter bags during use. The bag lifecycle can be precisely documented using the registry sheet enclosed with the filter bag.


Properties of centrifuge filter bag products:

Filter material:  polyester, metal fibre, polyamide, carbon fibre
Number of pipes: 4 - 59 bags
Available lengths: 500 - 2500 mm

Main fields of use:

» pharmaceutical industry
» food industry

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