Liquid filter bags, mesh filter bags

mesh filter bagsThe separation of solids in liquid filtration is equivalent to trapping dust in dry technology: the removal of solids from the liquid phase. The most common solution for this filtration job is the use of filter bags or mesh filter bags.

We offer filter liners for all filter housings available on the market and used by industry, with micron ratings ranging from 1 to 1000 microns. Thanks to our production capacities, we can manufacture filter bags in any size to a short deadline, even if the sizes or properties ordered are totally individual.The PES, PP, PA, Nomex or PTFE needle-felt and sieve materials we use for our fabric or needle felt filter bags enable us to provide you with just the right product, whatever your needs.

Filter bags are available on a short deadline with plastic, stainless steel or zinc coated reinforcements, or other unique options on request. Our standard bags are in stock, ready for immediate shipping.

Liquid filter bags

Properties of filter bag products:

Filter material:  polyester, polyamide, polypropylene
Filter classes: 1 - 1000 micronsSizes: available in individual and standard sizes

Main fields of use:

» pharmaceutical industry
» food industry
» agro-chemical industry
» chemical industry

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Services we provide

Besides marketing filtration technology products, industrial filters, filter cartridges, accessories and filtration equipment, Indufil PLC. also offers various support services, engineering and financial consultancy, technical planning, and comprehensive filtration technology design.

Filter management »

Indufil PLC. stocks the quantities of filters and accessories required for synchronisation with our partners' production needs. We can deliver in accordance with predetermined schedules or just-in-time. Besides filter logistics, we also provide maintenance, certification and measurement services.

Design and installation »

New filtration technology problem? Our engineers will help you pick the filtration technology that best meets your needs. We also do installations to a short deadline.

Waste management »

Our team of experts has many years of experience in the replacment, collection, transportation, cleaning and disposal of used filter cartridges.

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