Industrial filter bags manufactured in Hungary

Filter bags are the most commonly used filter elements in dust filtration, dust collection and liquid filtration. Filter bags come in a wide range of sizes. Indufil purchases the majority of its filter bags from Hungarian suppliers within the company group. This ensures quick turnaround times and competitive prices.


supply of filter bagsDue to its production capacity, the company group is a definitive player in domestic filter bag manufacture, employing new production technologies on two sites to produce several hundred thousand filter bags every year. These are sold mainly in Hungary, but some are also exported. The plant resembles an immense industrial "cut and sew" house. Raw materials are received in rolls, then cut to size based on orders and customer needs, and sewn together in the proper shapes by industrial sewing machines. In this respect, the workflow resembles that of a tailor’s shop. A felt seal or snap-ring is generally used for the bag neck, according to customer requirements.

Some of the raw materials can be welded, so certain filters are produced by welding on an automated machine instead of being sewn. Our newly installed filter bag welding machines guarantee high quality and quick turnaround times.

Even a single filter bag

filter bags are producing on sewing-machine

Our filter production plant produces filter bags to order, and can even make a single filter bag - at no extra cost - in any size category on a very short deadline. Our quick response is possible as we stock a huge variety of filter media so production can start almost immediately on receiving your order.

Dust and liquid filtration using filter bags

The two main areas to use filter bags are dust and liquid filtration. Dust filtration is typically needed in the timber, cement, asphalt, milling and mining industries, whilst liquid filtration is indispensible in many areas of the automotive, paint and sugar industries.

Bags used for dust filtration are made of thicker materials weighing 350-600 gram/m2, somewhat heavier than the 150-300 gram/m2 materials used for liquid filtration.

Filter bags are made of needle felt

welding of filter bags

Various types of needle felt are used as raw materials for all filter media, the felt itself being made from polyester, polyacrylonitrile, Nomex or P84. As a given technology may require more from a filter than just filtration, raw materials with various types of surface finish are also used. These surface finishes make the filter bag water and oil repellent (oleo- and hydrophobic).

We also offer antistatic raw materials to prevent sparking, as well as fire retardant and spark-quenching filter media. Filter media using Teflon also have very good properties, as Teflon membrane filters are easy to clean and can filter out particles as small as 1 micron.

filter bags manufacturing

Complex one-off multi-bag filters used in the pharmaceutical industry can sometimes pose a real challenge regarding both their tailoring and configuration, as filtration often needs to be antistatic and to use a Teflon membrane.

The sizes of the filter bags we produce are guaranteed, with normal bags ranging from 120 - 200 mm in diameter and up to 10 metres in length, and portable fume extractors requiring diameters that are significantly larger.

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